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Founded in 2017, e-BLOT was cofounded by two brothers that share the same passion for elevating western blot imaging technology. Older brother Yinghao Zhang carries a Ph.D. in Biophysics and has spent years in laboratories in both China and the US studying the degradation mechanism of oxidized proteins in cells. Zhihao Zhang, the younger brother, was an established marketing director for a ministry-level central enterprise and has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience.  The complementary nature of these brothers is the driving force beyond the company’s continuous success and improvement.

Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise

Maker in China

Top 50 companies with the most investment potential in Shanghai

Second Prize of the Third China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Grand Final

Best Technology Innovation Award

National-level patents

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We strive to overcome the difficulties, our honors and awards motivate us to keep moving forward.

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We call for qualified distributors to be part of our sales network. Together we contribute to science and technology advancement.

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In 2019 e-Blot revolutionized western blot imaging technology and led the world, which has been 40 years since western blot was first invented.

The achievement we made is derived from our decades of unwavering efforts. Developing new technology can be hard, yet we made it. Knowledge, experience and failure we encountered are just adding fuel to our belief and finally driving us to the right destination.

The moment your imaging challenges are solved by e-Blot, we are convinced by the value of innovative tools. No matter how difficult innovation is, no matter how variable the needs are, we’re always marching forward.

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We’re on the move. Our tech team is motivated to perfect our equipment and solve your problems, all the time.

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