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Breakthrough Innovation to Western Blot Imaging

Due to the low abundance of some proteins in a sample, capturing clear images for research and study becomes a big challenge for western blotting. E-Blot Touch Imager addresses this challenge by utilizing its NASA-level photosensitive chips that produce clear images to detect and capture these proteins with a high accuracy rate.

Acquisition of rare samples is a challenge in itself, and capturing its data on a traditional western blot imaging system could require multiple tries on inconsistent data, degrading the quality of the samples in the process. The Touch Imager captures images with efficiency and accuracy, providing the best results on the first time, all the time.

With traditional western blotting systems, the difference among protein bands could heavily affect the captured image, with stronger bands overlapping the proteins with weaker bands. The Touch Imager eliminates this issue since its ultra-sensitive units differentiate the bands of the proteins, generating a perfect image for research and study.

Where X-Ray Film and CCD are underperforming,
touch imaging technology provides a better solution.

No More Camera Imaging, No More Signal Loss

Modern cooled CCD western blot imaging machines in the market today require a variety of lenses to capture the images. However lenses often actively block some signals while acquiring the intended data, the captured images may have inaccurate or undesirable results.

e-Blot Touch Imager offers a better alternative to western blot imaging, proving high quality images without any signal loss. We achieve this by moving away from cameras and lens, shifting to electronic light-sensitive units and powerful electronic detectors to perform western blot imaging.

All Signals Detected With Zero Distance to Sample

Having the camera at a distance from the subject distorts the image and results in a comparative signal loss. This results in images that have poor quality, low data acquisition, and additional costs in time and money for redoing the western blot imaging.

Losing pertinent data due to insufficient or excessive exposure is greatly reduced with our Touch Imager. With the use of our innovative direct contact sensors to capture the protein membranes perfectly, the Touch Imager ensures all signals are detected and all necessary data is preserved in the image.

131 Times Larger Sensor Chip, Stronger Signal Acquisition Capacity

Traditional cooled CCD western blot imaging systems available in the market are built with a 1.2 cm² photosensitive chip. While the chip can capture protein membranes and its various bands, it has relatively weak signal acquisition capabilities, making it susceptible to overexposure and produces images that cannot be accurately quantified.

Making its mark in chemiluminescence imaging, e-Blot Touch Imager’s photosensitive chip is 137 times larger than CCD chips and has a strong signal acquisition capacity. Measuring at 165cm­2, the increased signal acquisition strength of our Touch Imager ensures that even extremely weak signals are captured for study and research.

158cm² Sensor More Accurate Quantitative Results

Most western blot imaging equipment uses imaging chips with a small pixel area of 3 to 6μm by length. The small pixel area reduces the resolution of the captured image, often missing or exaggerating the protein bands that lead to inaccurate findings.

Despite its compact size, the e-Blot Touch Imager offers larger imaging pixels compared to its contemporaries, increasing the dynamic range by 2 to 3 times in the log scale. The significant increase of 493 times the size of regular chips improves the accuracy of the quantitative experiment, thus allowing for faster analysis.

Tiny Size and Organized Instrument Made Possible

Typical western blot imaging machines used by laboratories and research facilities are large in stature, with x-ray film machines requiring specialized dark rooms to develop the images. The large setup makes it cumbersome to move and conduct further research, especially in smaller facilities.

Compressing the latest in western blot imaging technology in a small package, e-Blot’s Touch Imager is comparatively smaller than x-ray film machines or CCD imaging systems, measuring almost like a regular laptop that saves your lab space.

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