Our Commitment

We Devote Time To Saving Your Time

Initially spending at least 8 years in developing the innovative contact imaging technology we use for our Touch Imagers, we continue our pursuit for better and more efficient imaging solutions. Our teams conduct regular testing to achieve more favorable results while reducing error rates and processing timeframes.

We take this challenge to help scientists save precious time needed on capturing pertinent data and give more time one analyze research and discovery. 

We Work For Higher Accuracy

In the realm of scientific research, data accuracy plays an important role in the efficacy of the study. And while traditional western blot imaging produces usable images at an adequate pace, the results are inconsistent and might require additional takes to achieve images with accurate findings.

e-Blot takes this variable out of the equation with our Touch Imagers equipped with photosensitive chips for precision contact imaging that results in highly-accurate data consistently.

Never Stop Exploring and Innovating

While there are continuous discoveries in the scientific community, there are still unknown fields in life science that require a deep dive for better understanding. Discoveries result in the field leads to a drastic improvement in the quality of life among mankind through detection of illnesses and preventive measures in cell degradation. Driven to provide ideal western blot imaging solutions, our R&D teams constantly pursue new ways to improve on the current standard and raise the bar in contact imaging.


By focusing on the unique challenges presented by scientists, e-Blot aims to provide high-performance western blot imaging solutions that help discover scientific truths and accelerate scientific research for the betterment of mankind.


e-Blot sees itself as a reliable and competent partner of the scientific community by providing revolutionary chemiluminescence imaging instruments for life science research.

E-Blot Roots in Responsibilities

For Partners

Establish the brand as a reliable source of western blot contact imaging instruments, working with our manufacturers and distributors with honesty and trust.

For Clients

Deliver effective and marketable chemiluminescence imaging instruments through a revolutionary technology that changes the western blot imaging processes.

For Environment

By dedicating to new technology development and selecting eco-friendly materials, e-Blot adheres to environmental guidelines in our manufacturing process.

Make Your Western Blot Imaging Easier

We’re on the move. Our tech team is motivated to perfect our equipment and solve your problems, all the time.

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