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Under E-Blot Quality Standards

Committed to delivering exceptional western blot imaging instruments, our manufacturing facility upholds the highest standards in product quality and output efficiency. Along with our modern equipment and expertly-trained team, we secured the necessary domestic and international licenses to further qualify our facility as a globally-competitive factory.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

As we compete for our place in the international market, we take the required steps to ensure that our facilities have modern equipment for fast and optimal production. Great importance is placed on innovation, devoting a large portion of our resources to equipment that enhances our research and development capabilities. We also employ automated production lines that handle precision manufacturing and produce consistent results.

Every Detail From Temperature to Humidity, Material to Packaging

Upholding our commitment to uncompromised quality, we continuously monitor the facility and materials to maintain consistency in our production process. Temperature and humidity are properly calibrated to create the perfect climate for the instruments. Materials used for the production of the instruments and packaging undergo a quality assessment to ensure they match our standards.

Standard Quality Control Processes

Maintaining the highest standards at all times, our expert auditors conduct numerous quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process to produce world-class Touch Imagers.

01 Incoming Material Check

02 PCBA Check

03 1st Functional Test

04 1st Random Check

05 Aging Test

06 2nd Functional Test

07 2nd Random Check

08 Final Check

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